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Worth Construction Co.
Worth Construction Co., Inc. has been a design/build, general contractor and construction manager for several decades, offering the highest level of experience and professionalism to its clients.

These services are backed by a team of experienced construction specialists, so regardless of your project goals, Worth is completely prepared and ready to provide successful results.

Design + Build

Our concept offers clients a team combined of project’s design, engineering and construction elements, all working together to design and construct a project that meets the owner’s needs, schedule and budget. Under the Design Build Construction concept, Worth, is able to reduce the time and cost to the Owner, by avoiding the bid out process and providing early stage pre-construction services and coordination, filing permits in a timely fashion, expedite mobilization and construction.

General Construction

Acting as general contractor on a cost plus, negotiated, guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or lump sum basis, after plans are partially or fully complete, Worth Construction provides owners with the benefit of our superior ability to control construction progress and quality, while maintaining a safe site. Our positive, proactive, and often innovative approach keeps projects moving smoothly, despite unforeseen situations involving weather or other potential obstacles.

Worth’s professionals, from project managers and superintendents to project engineers and quality control and safety experts, coordinate the various trade subcontractors and suppliers to assure that the project meets the stated goals of quality, time and cost and built in strict accordance with the contract documents. As hundreds of owners have found, with Worth on your team, you receive a competitively priced project, built with quality, and within tight deadlines for completion.

  • Preliminary Budget Development /Cost Forecast Estimates
  • Development of Project Schedule
  • Evaluation of the design, construction, material and systems to determine the most cost effective options applied to achieve the desired result- Value Engineering
  • Constructability Reviews
  • LEED feasibility analysis
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Development of Safety Plan
  • Development of Construction Phasing Plan for the most effective operations
  • Development and implementation of QA/QC plan
  • Insurance/ Risk Management
  • Management of Project Schedule
  • Management of Payment & Control Reports
  • Project Closeout Administration

Construction Management

Our competitive bid experience enhances Worth’s effectiveness as a construction manager. Early in the design phase, Worth analyzes costs, frequently making over-budget projects feasible. With particular expertise in assessing plans for constructability and life-cycle costs, Worth performs value engineering for significant savings based on modifications to methods, materials, and equipment. It provides value to our new and repeat clients from project feasibility stage through project close out. Owners acknowledge our communication tools, skills and ability to both supervise the bid process and work with subcontractors, to accelerate the schedule and improve quality.

Pre-Construction Budgeting & Conceptual Engineering

Worth strongly believes that detailed early planning of a project is a key to successful outcome. Worth’s proactive management approach significantly reduces potential oversights, errors, issues and delays by performing early evaluation of design systems and details, conceptual cost estimating with the detailed cost analysis, value engineering and preliminary scheduling. We have years of experience assisting the owner, design and construction teams with determination and achievement of their final goals and targets for the final product.

Value Engineering

Working together with the Owner and Design team our Value Engineering professionals will analyze a project concept and/or design and evaluate each building component and building system for value, quality, life-cycle analysis and maintainability.

We will determine and present each value engineering option finding the most effective cost-savings means and methods that will best meet needs of our clients without compromising any features of the desired result.

CPM Scheduling

A CPM Schedule is not just a colorful bar chart to satisfy a project requirement, CPM Construction Scheduling plays an important role in the performance and completion of any successful construction project. Construction and Construction Management projects are always executed with a plan in mind. This plan, the CPM Schedule, is generated by working side by side with our sub-contractors and discussing our planned approach for each project and then we build the project on paper, inserting all the necessary scheduling logic for trade while keeping important contract milestone dates and phasing requirements in mind. After development, weekly monitoring of the schedule occurs in order to accurately monitor construction progress, plan future work activities, and identify any potential impacts.

Our estimating and scheduling staff has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry developing and monitoring CPM schedules for many different types of private and public works projects including educational, municipal, sewer treatment and industrial projects ranging in cost from $20 million to over $100 million dollars.

LEED Project Management & Contract Administration

Worth Construction has completed several LEED Silver and LEED Gold projects. Our LEED Accredited Professionals have the knowledge, experience and skills to successfully manage the LEED certification process from design phase through construction.

Our LEED Project Management & Contract Administration services include:

  •  LEED Project Feasibility Studies
  • Advise and assist in determining which points to pursue to achieve LEED certification based on the project budget and design intent.
  • LEED training sessions for project team members and subcontractors  to assist in better understanding of LEED credit requirements and documentation compliance to  promote the certification process
  • Development of project  LEED responsibility matrix
  • Development and tracking of project LEED Material calculations based on the  project budget, targeted points/credits
  • Organization and coordination of all LEED documentation, calculations and reports
  • Participation in  LEED meetings with project team and commissioning agent
  • Complete LEED online  templates
  • Construction Waste Management Plan  : development of construction waste management plan, cost revenue analysis,  project C & D waste management calculations/monthly progress reports
  • Development and implementation of IAQ Management Plan  during construction and before occupancy, flush-out coordination
  • Coordinate and monitor low-VOC materials and application, recycled and regional content materials used on the project
  • Research and select products that contribute to multiple credits
  • Record all LEED construction submittals throughout the project ; outline missing information
  • Identify strategies for Innovation in  Design and Regional Priority  credits