In today’s market, green building design and construction have become mandatory components for most projects in both of the private and public sectors. Building green projects promotes living in harmony with the environment, showing social responsibilities and absolute care about the environment. Building Green ultimately means the reduction of waste sent to landfills by employing effective waste management practices, a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, conservation of water and energy, dramatic reduction of operational costs and an increased overall asset value.

Worth Construction Co., Inc. has completed numerous LEED projects, the majority of which were originally designed to be LEED Certified, but ultimately achieved a LEED Gold Certification as a direct result of the diligent effort put forth by WCCI’s LEED personnel. Our LEED Accredited Professionals develop project specific LEED strategies for level of attainment, comprehensive documentation, cost reduction analysis, material researches and calculations. We continue to successfully implement, track and manage our LEED projects certification status while working directly with state and federal agencies, design teams, engineers and subcontractors.

Worth is committed to sustainable construction practices for every project, regardless of its specified “Green Building Design” intent for the project. We believe, that “Building Green” is the absolute direction we need to pursue in order to preserve our environment.