Quality Control

Worth Construction comprehensive Quality Control / Quality Assurance Program ensures the highest quality of the services provided to our clients. Worth is committed to integrating quality into all construction phases ensuring that work is performed in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications and in a manner where each definable of the work meets or exceeds the minimal specified performance criteria and generally accepted standards of construction.

We have established quality control procedures to monitor and provide approved methodology and reliability.  Our QC/ QA program sets prescribed standards of performance for construction, sampling, and analysis, as well as addresses organization, credentials and responsibilities of QC/QA team, use of outside consultants and on-site personnel.

Our QC/QA program covers the following:

  • Corrective action programs
  • Data reduction, validation and reporting
  • Documentation control/procedures
  • Equipment calibration procedures and acceptance criteria
  • Personnel training
  • Proper allocation of staff and resources
  • Quality review audit and oversight functions for all aspects of the project, including project management, integrity of subcontractors, field investigations, laboratory/testing procedures
  • Protection of stored materials
  • Review of all drawings, plans and specifications
  • Sampling and documentation coordination , submittal procedures
  • MEP systems performance & testing
  • Technical review of all project reports, recommendations and related documents

Regardless of projects size and complexity, Worth’s is committed to deliver the highest quality products in a timely and efficient manner!