Culture of Diversity

At Worth we truly believe that effective teamwork equals to constructing excellence and project success. We promoted a culture of diversity where employees with different backgrounds, skills and passions can contribute their creativity, face challenges and have room for career growth.

Worth Construction Co., Inc. actively promotes diversity in the construction industry, encouraging the utilization of Minority and Women Owned Businesses Enterprises, by developing workshops and training programs.

Worth employs variety of effective S/M/W/DBE outreach and education programs which provide the maximum practical opportunities for the participation of small, minority, women-owned and disadvantaged business enterprise businesses in our projects. Worth Construction constantly mentors and networking with S/M/W/DBE subcontractors, and assisting them in becoming prequalified/ certified subcontractor

We cultivate diversity in our offices and on our sites and build the collaborations we need to safely execute our work at the highest level.