Become a Subcontractor

Company info

Has the Company operated under any other name(s) in the past five years?

Company Address

Has the Company changed address(es) in the past five years?
Does the Company have offices, plants or warehouses at other addresses?

Business Organization and History

Does the Company share office space, staff, or equipment (including telephone exchanges) with any other business or organization?

Identify all Key People

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Instructions: On the following page, fill in the required information on all present and past Key People for the past five years. “Key People” include:

Principals, directors, officers.

Shareholder of 5% or more of the Company issued stock.

Any manager or individual who participates in overall policy-making or financial decisions for the Company.

Any person in a position to control and direct the firm’s overall operations.

Signatories to bank accounts and any debt instruments, whether or not otherwise considered Key People.

“Shareholders” are owners of stock or other securities that can be converted to stock that, if exercised, would constitute 5% of the Company issued stock. Other securities include stock options, secured or unsecured bonds, warrants and rights.

Identify all Key People (Part II)

At present or during the past five years have any of the Key People of the Company served as a Key Person (see definition on page 3) or owned 5% or more of any other firm (including firms that are inactive or have been dissolved?

All firms listed in this step will be referred to in the following questions as “Affiliate Firms”.

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Financial Information

Has the Company, or its affiliates, or any of its Key People, been a party to a bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding?
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Does the Company have a bonding capacity?
In writing bonds for the Company, does the surety company rely on the indemnity of any other firm(s) or individual(s)?
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What is the Company’s bonding capacity ($):
Has the Company or any of its officers, owners or managers had any business related licenses, certificates or certifications revoked in the past 5 years?

Compliance Information

In the past five years has the Company or any of its affiliate firms been the subject of any of the following actions by any government agency:

Been suspended, debarred, disqualified, had its prequalification revoked or otherwise been declared ineligible to bid or to perform work?

Been barred from bidding or denied a contract as a result of refusal of Key People to testify before a grand jury or administrative board?

Been denied a contract despite being the low bidder for any other reason?

Been defaulted on any contract?

Had a contract terminated for “cause”?

Been given a final unsatisfactory performance determination or deemed a poor performer (by letter or formal proceedings)?

Been prevented, or barred from bidding for any other reason?

Been denied a contract for failure to obtain surety or otherwise provide required security?

Had liquidated damages assessed against it, upon completion of a contract or failure to complete a contract?

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Government agencies include city, state, federal public agencies, quasi-public agencies, authorities and corporations, public development corporations and local development corporations

Compliance Information (Part II)

In the past ten years has the Company or any of its current or past Key People or affiliate firms:

Been under investigation, involving any alleged violation of criminal law relating to business activities?

An INVESTIGATION includes an appearance before a grand jury by representatives of a business entity, any oral or written inquiry or review of the entity’s documents by a public agency, temporary commission or other investigative body including, but not limited to, subpoenas and/or search warrants, or questioning of employees concerning the general operation or a specific project of activities of such business entity.

Had records in its or his/her control, custody or ownership subpoenaed by any law enforcement agency?

Been questioned by any officer or agent of a law enforcement agency regarding any practices or conduct relating to the providing of construction related services?

Been advised of being the target or subject of an investigation involving any violation of criminal law?

Been notified or being the subject of court ordered electronic surveillance?

Been arrested or indicted or otherwise named as an unindicted co-conspirator in any indictment or other accusatory instrument?

Been convicted, after trial or by plea, of any felony under state or federal law?

Been convicted of any misdemeanor involving business-related crimes?

Entered a plea of nolo contendere to a charge of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, receiving stolen property or a violation of the antitrust law?

Entered into a consent decree?

Been granted immunity from prosecution for any business-related conduct constituting a crime under state or federal law?

Taken the Fifth Amendment in testimony regarding a business related crime?

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Been required to engage the services of an integrity monitor in connection with the award of, or in order to complete, any public or private contract?

Do any current or past Key People listed in this application have any felony or misdemeanor charges pending against them that were filed either before, during or after their employment with the Company?

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